We offer a wide variety of services from hauling gravel to managing your food plots. Please give us a call with whatever your needs are, we can try our best to serve you.




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Our Services



Tompkins Hauling & Excavating offers fast, efficient, and safe delivery of your natural material needs.
Need dirt?
Need sand?
Need rock?
Give us a call and we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep. Have a truckload of trash or scrap materials you need hauled away? We can do that too!


Tompkins Hauling & Excavating offers a variety of excavating services and perform all of these with precision.
Our portfolio of work includes:
• Ditch clean up/create
• Land clearing
• Pond Installations
• Tiling
• Foundations
• Duck/Goose pit installations
• Creating roadways/levee’s

Wildlife Management Areas

Tompkins Hauling & Excavating has dependable expertise when it comes to creating and maintaining Wildlife Management Areas. Our team of experts can help you turn your land into a valuable commodity by creating step-by-step a natural refuge where crops and animals will flourish. Don’t know what you need? Give us a call and we’ll assist you with planning and assessment.
We offer:
• Testing of soil samples from your land through the UK Agricultural Extension Office.
• Tree planting services
• Monthly upkeep services
• Goose/Duck pit installations
• Pond installations
• Customized property planning and implementation of service roads
• Ditch clean-out service
• Deer feeder installations
• Variety of food plot installations such as sunflowers, clover, food plot mixes, winter wheat (Willing to look at any custom applications).
• Drop seeder service to produce lawn quality seeding for fescue, clover, and native grasses.

Lawn Services

Tompkins Hauling & Excavating offers a variety of Lawn Services from seeding to soil testing. If you need assistance in creating a beautiful yard or just want someone to do it for you, we’re on the job.
Our services include:
• Drop seeding
• Spraying
• Aeration
• Straw
• Fertilizing
• Liming
• Soil sample testing

Storm Shelters

Tompkins Hauling & Excavating offers a variety of Storm Shelters that are easy to maintain and a low cost option to provide safety for your family.
Our Shelters include:
In-Ground Concrete Shelter
In-Ground Fiberglass Shelter
In-Ground Steel Shelter
Above-Ground Safe Shelter